Video demo gameplay Mechanics video 3 Mechanics video 2 Mechanics video 1 Teaser video 3 Teaser video 2 Teaser video 1 Manu's music Marcos's music post_ce-planos6 The end justifies the means
Video demo gameplay Mechanics video 3 Mechanics video 2 Mechanics video 1 Teaser video 3 Teaser video 2 Teaser video 1 Manu's music Marcos's music post_ce-planos6 The end justifies the means

Let’s Craft!

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One of the aspects we highlighted in the past is crafting. Despite remaining present in the game and being very useful to the player, it has shifted to the background, but we believe that with the changes we made it has improved the in-game experience greately, and the player is encouraged to investigate even more. […]


We’re a little closer to the release date!

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We’re a little closer to the release date. It’s been several years of effort, but we believe we’re achieving a quality product, based on the reviews received at the events and fairs we attended to show The Crow’s Eye to the public. The game has evolved a lot, and we’re really looking forward to its […]



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November is almost over. A month full of work for each and every one of 3D2 Entertainment team members. We’ve improved the game parting from the impressions we saw in Barcelona and Madrid. That’s why fairs are for, to show your game to the world and gathering opinions and, with them, enhance our project. Last […]


Graphic aspect enhancements

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A couple of days ago we mentioned the word effort. This is something present in our day-to-day lives. Attached you’ll find  some pictures of us working hard! Have a great weekend everyone!!              


Our childhood, our efforts

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A week ago we mentioned the release of a game. And today another one is being released, one belonging to a collection that’s been on the market for a very long time. More specifically since our childhood. Pokémon is a renowned brand known even by those who don’t play. Aspiring to achieve such success is […]


About us

3D2 Entertainment is formed by a group of young artists with a common idea: creating games focused on playability as a main goal, which led to forming an independent videogame studio in Barcelona in 2011.

We consider ourselves a small family where every opinion counts, and each one of us adds a unique ingredient that form 3D2 Entertainment. Up to this day, we are 6 people wholly involved in the idea, though we count on occasional external help to carry out work outside our field.

We invite you to have a look at our projects and that you enjoy them as much as we do!


Xavi Amézqueta

Prop texturer

Dani Gálvez

Character modeler
Character texturer

Robert Morancho

Environment artist
Character rigging

Maria Girbau


Manuel P. Perez

Music composer and sound

Carlos Rodríguez Sirgado

Community manager

Special thanks:

Because it wouldn’t have been possible without them. We have counted on the help and talent of…

Modeler and texturer: Marc Riera Agüera
Concept art and illustrator: David Mezcua
Dubbing: Sara SecoraAltizia estudio
Music: Marcos Saucedo
Promotion and public relations: Eduardo Garabito & Mariela González
Animation: Nora Serrano & Juan Montemayor Escudero
Scripting assistants: Carlos Lombarte, Ibai Ramirez & Javier Alegre Landaburu




What is The Crow’s Eye about?
The Crow’s Eye is a first-person terror adventure with hints of crafting, full of suspense and which rewards investigation.

What makes your game different from the rest of terror games?
We’re focusing much more on playability, the story and the emotions than on graphics and easily scaring people. We want puzzles to be a real challenge for the player, which require exploring, observation, and the ability to solve problems, including a crafting system that rewards the player who investigates each corner of the game.

What platform is The Crow’s Eye for?
The Crow’s Eye has been prepared solely for PC, so we don’t believe it will be out for game consoles.

How do I subscribe to get the latest news?
By writing your email in the following link

How can I contact you?
For any enquiry, comment or suggestion, you can reach us through the Contact section.