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Searching inspiration

March 25, 2014 6:46 pm

At this very moment we are preparing lots of material to wholly show you what The Crow’s Eye is, from the beginning of the project to the final result of two years of hard work.

The Crow’s Eye, as we have mentioned on previous occasions, is a first-person adventure/terror videogame in which you will have to explore all of the environment to survive and move forward in the story.

As for our first steps, we will talk about the references we’ve taken and how we were able to build the game throughout ideas, videogames, movies, stories, and countless other pieces that have successfully fitted in a complex jigsaw puzzle, thus bringing the game to life.

Within the next few days we’ll be giving further information!


March 20, 2014 4:19 pm

After two years of developing The Crow’s Eye, we can say it has been a long journey.

Despite we have come across some difficulties while developing the game (achieving productive and organized working methods, learning from other people’s experiences in the game scene, practically rebuilding the whole game for graphic improvement…) we are proud of the result.

Fortunately, we have been able to go on with this project and meet people who have joined our team, becoming a highly motivated and willing family.

Are you ready to muster enough courage to see what’s going on in The Crow’s Eye?

Stay tuned!

New Website!

March 18, 2014 6:06 pm

And it’s finally out!

Don’t forget to bookmark our website. We’ll be uploading content, posting updates, answering questions & more!