Image from Amnesia The dark descent

Searching inspiration – Amnesia

April 1, 2014 10:04 am Published by

The Shadow… it’s close now…



Which references did we take up from Amnesia?

  • The interaction with the environment: One of the main features that pop up in our minds when talking about Amnesia is the possibility of interacting with a great part of the environment, thus making the player feel free to pick almost any item he/she may found and make use of it.
  • The investigation: In Amnesia we are able to investigate in-depth in order to find useful items that will help us in-game, such as keys or different objects to complete puzzles or get out of situations which require a specific item.
  • The atmosphere: Gloomy, dark and lonely, it is accompanied by a soothing and surrounding melody that follows you throughout the whole game, and necessarily getting into the character. The paintings and the decorations generate an atmosphere that makes the player feel observed all the time.
  • The enemies: Immortal and creepy beings. The fact that you are unable to finish off your enemy creates a constant tension in the player so that he/she is not discovered, having to resort to stealth, and even in some situations have strokes of luck.