Go your own way

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Lately, in our time, we see how many people unhappy with the road they are travelling and decide to bring some change to their lives, and thus start taking new steps. As they travel that personal and individual road, they come across many people who tell them that such road is not the one, that […]


Interview to Xavi Amezqueta, member of 3D2

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-Why did you choose the field of videogames? There’s a time in the life of any teenager in which he wonders what he’d like to do when he’s older. I guess I approached this in another way. What do I see me working as, and that I’ll be thrilled about? I’ve always liked videogames, and […]


The Crow’s Eye’s features

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We’ve talked quite much about games we’ve taken as references, but we don’t want people to compare us with games of the same genre. Not only ours is a game of terror, but also a blend of genres which quite break with the monotony that is becoming more and more visible in this kind of […]


Mechanics: The investigation

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Investigation is one of the main points of The Crow’s Eye, and becomes vital in order to understand the game story. There will be different ways to gather this information: – Recorder: The recorder is the most important resource to understand the main story. The recordings we’ll find in the game are from twenty years […]


The Crow’s Eye first teaser: A close night

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Last Tuesday we presented the first teaser of The Crow’s Eye. Don’t you know what The Crow’s Eye is? Don’t worry, we’re reposting the first teaser, a few seconds in which you’ll see something about the game!     In the Recording we hear Benjamin Bennet, a private detective who was sent to the university […]


About us

3D2 Entertainment is formed by a group of young artists with a common idea: creating games focused on playability as a main goal, which led to forming an independent videogame studio in Barcelona in 2011.

We consider ourselves a small family where every opinion counts, and each one of us adds a unique ingredient that form 3D2 Entertainment. Up to this day, we are 6 people wholly involved in the idea, though we count on occasional external help to carry out work outside our field.

We invite you to have a look at our projects and that you enjoy them as much as we do!


Xavi Amézqueta

Game Designer
Lead Programmer

Dani Gálvez

Art Director
3D Designer

Robert Morancho

Level Designer
Environment Artist

Maria Girbau


Manuel P. Perez

Music composer and sound

Danel Iriarte 


Special thanks:

Because it wouldn’t have been possible without them. We have counted on the help and talent of…

Modeler and texturer: Marc Riera Agüera
Concept art and illustrator: David Mezcua
Dubbing: Sara Secora
Music: Marcos Saucedo
Promotion and public relations: Eduardo Garabito, Mariela González & Carlos Rodríguez Sirgado
Animation: Nora Serrano & Juan Montemayor Escudero
Scripting assistants: Carlos Lombarte, Ibai Ramirez & Javier Alegre Landaburu