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The Crow’s Eye’s features

May 15, 2014 5:41 pm

We’ve talked quite much about games we’ve taken as references, but we don’t want people to compare us with games of the same genre. Not only ours is a game of terror, but also a blend of genres which quite break with the monotony that is becoming more and more visible in this kind of games. We will next explain some playable elements of The Crow’s Eye.



  •  Crafting: An important point and one we have devoted much time to, in order to improve playability, is crafting. To craft it is not enough by opening the inventory and combining items. You must look for recipes which will be scattered around the levels and find a crafting table to create new items parting from others which are more simple, which you may find in all levels.
  • Survival resources: We will dispose of crafted items to confound the enemy or trick them, we may use other items to get past some parts of the game, and, most importantly, move by stealth is a great resource when you have nothing at reach.
  • Variety: The amount of items and the composition of the scenarios create a living world, but altogether complicated. The different scenes possess features which others don’t, and which lead the player to explore every corner.
  • Puzzles: A valuable part we wanted to include with regard to other games is the great variety of puzzles, to keep the player hooked and to disconnect a while from the investigation. Some of these puzzles will drive the player crazy before he can complete them.

Mechanics: The investigation

May 13, 2014 5:19 pm

Investigation is one of the main points of The Crow’s Eye, and becomes vital in order to understand the game story. There will be different ways to gather this information:

– Recorder: The recorder is the most important resource to understand the main story. The recordings we’ll find in the game are from twenty years back, and reveal what happened in the university. There are a few characters in the plot, and each tells us their experiences and events.

– Documents: Documents show bits of the story that we won’t be able to discover through recordings. There’s a great variety of documents which explain different matters: experiments, old writings, or the university’s past before it was founded, among others. These are harder to find than recordings, and despite they aren’t necessary, you may discover important facts related to the story, as well as other characters that don’t appear in the recordings.

– Pictures: Pictures are scarce, and certainly much more difficult to find than documents. There are different kinds of pictures: medical records, maps, photographs, etc. Some may be really useful, so we’ll need to take a closer look if we want to discover all that’s led us to be where we are…

The Crow’s Eye first teaser: A close night

May 8, 2014 9:53 am

Last Tuesday we presented the first teaser of The Crow’s Eye.

Don’t you know what The Crow’s Eye is?

Don’t worry, we’re reposting the first teaser, a few seconds in which you’ll see something about the game!



In the Recording we hear Benjamin Bennet, a private detective who was sent to the university to investigate the disappearance of four students, but who knows what he may have encountered there…


During the following days we’ll be revealing further information about the playability as well as other important features.

Willing to see more?

We release news every week explaining aspects of the game, and we’ll answer your questions though our social networks.

As a foretaste, we’re already preparing the next teaser!

What thrills us about The Crow’s Eye?

April 23, 2014 6:08 pm

We like terror games. OK, yeah… that’s pretty obvious. But if we have to be honest, we’ve grown playing games such as Zelda, Final Fantasy, Super Mario, or Crash Bandicoot (to name a few). During our lifetime we’ve found aspects of the games we played which weren’t convincing enough, and imagined how a game would be if it had this or that thing. Some people would add a yet another twist in Bioshock, for example, as others would in Silent Hill.


Fact is, we could’ve made ourselves known by making other kinds of games, though we opted for terror for a number of reasons. We believed something interesting could arise from the connection of tastes as different as ours.

Bearing in mind we wanted to create a game any of us would like to play…

What makes us really thrilled about The Crow’s Eye?

  • The story: It is certainly not easy to create a game’s plot intending it to appear “adult”. We spent 2 months working on the plot so that all parts would fit. It took a rather long time, but we believe the result is absolutely worth it, and so we’re convinced the story is one of the game’s strengths.
  • The atmosphere: Details matter. A lot. They are part of the whole. From that one light slipping through a slit, to that sound that gives you the goosebumps. In a game such as this one we had to deepen in this aspect. Graphically speaking, we are very proud of the result. It isn’t a photorealistic game, though it is artistically very pleasing. We can’t reveal anything for now, but we’ll soon be giving more information.
  • The mechanics: We’re thrilled about this. The Crow’s Eye isn’t just a horror game. We’ve mixed features of other styles. Stealth, investigation, puzzles, and many more we’ll be revealing later on.

Finally, we can only say that in a reeeally short time we’ll be posting more remarkable information. We wish we could show it all at once, but believe us when we say that we’re doing this so that the game comes out the best way possible.

The paintings of the Crow’s Eye

April 16, 2014 1:36 pm

Paintings are an essential part of the decoration of any interior, and strengthen the emotions and sensations that enclosed areas offer.

As we didn’t want to leave this bit aside, Ferràn Amézqueta, father of one of the 3D2 members, offered decorating the game areas with his original artwork. We believe these paintings add up to drama and to the ghoulish atmosphere we intend to create.

The collection is a whole set of 13 workpieces. We will now show you a couple of examples of how those paintings are going to appear in the game.