How did The Crow’s Eye arise?

November 20, 2014 6:52 pm Published by

In year 2012 we were developing a game for mobile devices as a first project to earn some money and fund more games, though we never liked the project. That very same year, one of our colleagues was obsessed with viral websites, which had a big impact on the web, so he proposed making one. The site was entitled “21-12-2112”, which backwards turned into “21-12-2012”, the end of the Mayan calendar and which some said to be the end of the world. We created a viral website and started to create content with a background image, the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from “The Wizard of Oz” movie, and some inverted Tibetan bells to give it a creepier touch.



Image which appears when entering the website

Not many days later and publicizing a little on the web, we received countless visits from all corners of the world. We were really excited with that, it was more entertaining than making a game for mobile devices and we started to answer questions as Benjamin Bennet, a policeman stuck inside Crowseye University (currently Crowswood University).

As a consequence of the story we created altogether with the people who asked and gave us their theories in different websites, we decided to create The Crow’s Eye game. But before making that decision we saw how less people visited us and we started proposing puzzles so that people could solve them and let us dedicate some time to the game for mobiles to entertain people who visited us. We realized that, in the end, what mattered was to do something we all liked, so a few weeks after we began developing a game based on the website. On the site we proposed a puzzle that was almost impossible to solve, and we started to invest more time on the game than on the website, waiting for someone to find the solution. Nobody ever made it.

It was a unique experience and we felt that people enjoyed entering and finding new content and stories.