3D2 Entertainment
Based in Barcelona, Spain

Founding date:
November 11, 2011


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3D2 Entertainment is formed by a group of young artists with a common idea: creating games focused on playability as a main goal, which led to forming an independent videogame studio in Barcelona in 2011.


How We Met

3D2 Entertainment was formed in 2011 by Daniel Gálvez, Robert Morancho, Xavi Amézqueta and Marc Riera, after meeting at a videogame design school located in Barcelona. They joined forces to set up a studio, since they were clear about creating videogames, and they were highly motivated by the idea of carrying through their own projects. They dedicated efforts in developing a game for mobile phones with the main idea to obtain some profits to be able to develop the games they dreamed to create, but after months of development they realized that it would not work that way. They found that it made little sense to dedicate efforts in making videogames that scarcely motivated them at all. The plan had been misguided from the very beginning, because if you do something that fails to motivate you, the result will hardly be any good.

The Crow's Eye

Concurrently with the development, and with the idea of making a game for PC, a new idea sprung up: creating a website with the intention to turn it viral with a mystery to solve, and, with the ideas that emerged from there, we would create a mystery and horror game. A week later, out of nowhere, the website received over 800 views per day with people anxious to discover what all that was about. We had to invest time in keeping the mystery of our website alive, and this required many hours in terms of game development. As those who were following the updates on the website demanded content, we struggled to generate a mystery that required much more time, as well as the collaboration of all members of the community that had congregated. Nevertheless, the difficulty was set too high, and they were incapable of solving it.


We're currently developing Arima



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Best Audio Award in Indie revolution expo" - 17 July, 2015
  • "Best Script in GameBoss 2017" - 3 June, 2017

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